VP Social

Sometimes (or most of the time), homework gets reaaaal boring, and then you want to party. And that’s where the VP Social comes in. They plan your parties, they get the food, basically they do what it takes to make sure you have fun in PAPM.

The current VP Socials are Adam Kouri and Jeromy Kixmoller-Gosley.



Name: Adam Kouri Adam profile

Year: Third Year

Specialization: Strategic Public Opinion

Favourite thing about PAPM: My favourite thing about PAPM is our brilliant and diverse community of folks.

This year, I’m looking forward to: I’m looking forward to PAPM formal (duh)


jeromy profileName: Jeromy Kixmöller-Gosley

Year: 3rd

Specialization: International studies

Favourite thing about PAPM: Adam Kouri

This year, I’m looking forward to: meeting and welcoming all the new Papmers!

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

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