VP Community Outreach

The VP Community Outreach represents the philanthropy wing of AKCESS. As such, they are responsible for helping to organize fundraising events for charities or non-profit group every year, including the annual PAPM Coffeehouse, as well as selecting the charities and non-profits to be sponsored. The current VP Community Outreach is Britt Hesmer.

Britt Hesmer11080286_10204910397373708_3187875047300823965_o

Year: 3
Specialization: Development
Occupation: After-School Teacher
Best known for: Making inappropriate comments to PAPM TAs

Originally from a town made up of only apples and farms, Britt has made the most of moving to Canada’s capital to study in the best program Carleton has to offer. Her favourite thing about AKC is the open pot of mini-eggs at Easter, free printing, and her PAPM fam.

While managing to master the art of procrastination, Britt stays busy by being President of another service organization on campus, taking care of other people’s kids, fighting power structures, and inspiring others to get involved in the community. She loves to try new foods, discover new things, and talk sex education policy. Britt is passionate about community development and putting in the ground work to make our society better. She wants to show PAPM students the benefits that can come from investing and providing leadership in both our school and local communities!

If you have any suggestions for organizations or events, fill out the form below or find Britt on Facebook.

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