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In the old days, when AKCESS execs wanted to communicate with PAPMers, they would have to hand-write a note, attach it to a carrier pigeon and send that pigeon on it’s way to the College where some stray PAPMer may happen upon it.

Today, tools like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Grindr make communicating with your AKCESS exec so much easier. The VP Comms manages all communications tools (including feeding the carrier pigeons), and makes sure that you get all the information you need, all at your fingertips. The current VPs Communication are Diana Idibe & Tom Carnegie (#DreamTeam).

Tom Carnegie

tomYear: 3
Specialization: Social Policy
Notable Achievement: Wetland Hero

Born and raised in Kanata, Tom is in an intimate relationship with OC Transpo as he commutes across the city daily for his love of PAPM. However, this year Tom will finally be breaking out of his small corner of Kanata North by travelling to Melbourne, Australia to do a semester abroad at La Trobe University leaving the position of VP Comms in the more capable hands of his partner Diana during his absence in the second semester.

Tom specializes in social policy with a particular interest in education and health policy as well as urban planning. A glutton for self punishment, Tom has decided to minor in economics in addition to his PAPM degree. On campus, in addition to AKCESS, Tom is involved with Frosh Week as a Vice Head and hopes to finally stop procrastinating and join MUN this year. When he isn’t at school, Tom likes to feign athleticism by running and reward himself by re-watching all 4 seasons of House of Cards.

You can contact Tom through Facebook, Twitter or email him at tom.carnegie@carleton.ca (because of his insatiable ego, Tom would also really appreciate it if you followed him on Instagram @t_carnegie, don’t worry, he’s #follow4follow).


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