Carleton University Students’ Association

The Carleton University Students’ Association, CUSA, is the student union for undergraduate students at Carleton. As such, it represents the undergrad student voice on important issues such as tuition fees and is in charge of dealing with issues that affect undergraduate students.

CUSA also operates numerous businesses such as Oliver’s Pub, Rooster’s Coffeehouse, Haven Books, and Henry’s Convenience Store. In cooperation with the Graduate Students’ Association it also runs several service centres, such as the Gender & Sexuality Centre, the Aboriginal Services Centre, the Womyn’s Centre, and the Health & Wellness Resource Centre. These service centres provide educational supplies and other resources in their area of focus, such as books, pamphlets, and counselling services.

Finally, CUSA oversees over 100 diverse clubs and societies on campus, providing services to these clubs, including funding, room bookings for events, and equipment.

CUSA currently has six executives, as well as a council made up of representatives elected from each faculty. For a full list of services and other information, visit CUSA’s website here.

PAPM Councillor

As PAPM is a small but unique program, it has one seat on CUSA Council separate from the Faculty of Public Affairs. For the 2014-2015 school year the Public Affairs and Policy Management Councillor is Jessica Beaudoin Walker.


2 comments on “Carleton University Students’ Association
  1. Ana says:

    Okay I already have another question haha. Do we need to choose our specialization during our first year?


  2. You don’t need to choose your specialization until May or June after your first year. There will be presentations near the end of first year where speakers will talk about each specialization so you can make a more informed decision.

    – Jerry

    P.S. Ana, if you have Facebook, I recommend you join the PAPM Class of 2018 Group (if that’s your year), you might find that some of your questions will be answered there already. 🙂


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