Arthur Kroeger College

This page is set for expansion, with pictures and information on the staff of Arthur Kroeger College. Keep posted!

Located in Loeb Building, overlooking the Rideau Canal, Arthur Kroeger College is the physical home of the PAPM program. It may be tucked away into a small corner of the building, but this little slice of Carleton contains a full computer lab, a boardroom where core PAPM courses will have their tutorials, and the offices of the program director and administrator. The College is open from 9 to 4:30 every workday (possibly open earlier or staying open later if staff decide to stay back), and the computer lab is open 24/7.


Kroeger College has a computer lab, filled with high-tech digital computing devices (because, you know, this is the 21st century). Each computer comes equipped with Windows 7, three different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and for old-timers, Internet Explorer 9), and all the basic software that PAPMers need to get the job done, such as Microsoft Office 2013 and SPSS (mandatory for anyone in a statistics course).

Free printing

Got a big paper to print out? Printing costs are usually 10 cents per page in the other computer labs, but here in the PAPM lab it’s free! The computers in the lab are hooked up to a black-and-white printer (so no free colour printing, sorry), and unlike the industrial-size printers elsewhere in the school, this one does not charge you anything to roll off 50 pages of warm and fuzzy readings on theories of international trade. Be careful though – due to high usage, the printer has an almost supernatural ability to run out of paper, often just an hour or two after all staff with access to more paper have left for the day. A well known fact about the PAPM printer is that it loves to gossip. Don’t believe me? Check out it’s Twitter Account, it probably has more followers than you.

Keep in mind, however, that this free printing (which is one of PAPM’s biggest non-academic perks) is for PAPM students only. To protect this valuable resource, after-hours entrance to the lab (through the back door) is limited to PAPM students only. If you do get into the lab, however (say, by walking into the lab during the day), don’t bother logging in – if you’re not registered in the program, the computer will automatically log you off as soon as you get on.

Back door!

As mentioned before, PAPMers can also get into the lab through a back door. This is not only the only way to get in when the College is closed, but it’s also a faster way in if you’re coming in from off campus, and get off the bus at the Steacie Building stop. The door leads directly outside, so on a nice warm day it’s also a shortcut to the beautiful Rideau River.

The back door, however, is locked at all times, and can only be unlocked by swiping your student card and entering your PIN on the card reader. This is the same PIN that on-campus students will use to get into their residence buildings, and it’s the same process to set the code for on and off-campus PAPMers. Log in to the Campus Card centre using the same username and password as you would for your Carleton email account, and click on “Set PIN”.


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