Politics and Public Affairs

These clubs all deal with some sort of topic related to – you guessed it – the realm of public affairs. In addition to campus chapters of the four major federal political parties, there are also non-partisan clubs where you can hone your diplomatic skills or learn more about global issues, among other things.

Carleton Conservatives

Contact: Ryan Olshansky

Facebook account: Carleton Conservatives
Facebook page: Carleton Conservatives
Twitter: @CUConservatives
Website: http://carletonconservatives.ca/

Carleton New Democrats

Contact: Jerry Zhao

Facebook page: Carleton NDP
Facebook group: Carleton New Democrats
Twitter: @CarletonNDP
Website: https://carletonndp.wordpress.com/
Email: carleton.ndp@gmail.com

Carleton Liberals

Contact: Ryan Kleinau, Hilary Martin (email only)

Facebook page: Carleton Liberals
Twitter: @CUliberals
Email: carletonliberals@gmail.com

United Nations Society

The UN Society is Carleton’s competitive Model United Nations team. They specialize in hosting events for diplomatic networking and providing opportunities to represent Carleton University on the Model UN conference circuit. The UN Society is open to all Carleton students who have a passion for debate, international relations, or are looking for opportunities to develop professionally and network in an engaging environment.

Contact: Sierra Fullerton

Facebook page: United Nations Society
Facebook group : Carleton United Nations Society
Email: info@unsociety.com
Website: www.unsociety.com
Twitter: @Carleton_UNS

Carleton Model Parliament

Every year, the Carleton Political Science Society hosts a Model Parliament on Parliament Hill! The event takes place in February and lasts for a full weekend. You will be able to form your own politicla parties and craft platforms and bills to debate and vote on. Model Parliament is open to students from all programs and backgrounds and is great opportunity to improve your public speaking abilities, debating skills, and knowledge of Canada’s political process.


Facebook page: Carleton Model Parliament
Email: carletonpss@gmail.com
Website: www.carletonpss.com
Twitter: @CarletonPoliSci

Carleton Equal Voice Chapter

Equal Voice is a non-partisan national organization which works towards the goal of equal gender representation in all levels of Canadian government. The CEVC hosts events to prepare members to be strong voices for equality in politics in the future, and gives members the opportunity to attend events with some of the most powerful women in Ottawa.

Contacts: Emily Nickel, Kelly Bryant

Facebook page: Carleton Equal Voice Chapter
Facebook group: Carleton Equal Voice Chapter
Twitter: @CarletonEV
Email: equalvoicecu@gmail.com

Israel Awareness Committee

The Israel Awareness Committee celebrates Israel’s diverse, innovative and compassionate spirit. IAC is pro-Israel, pro-Palestine and pro-peace. The committee works to promote dialogue by holding fun and informative events to showcase Israel’s flourishing democracy that strives for equality, rights, and freedoms for all peoples.

Contact: Alexandra (Lexi) Brenner

Facebook group: Israel Awareness Committee
Twitter: @ottawaIAC
Email: iac@hillelottawa.ca



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