Activism & Outreach

Despite the whole stereotype that PAPMers are just a bunch of people who aspire to be Prime Minister of Canada (or something like that), we’re not all political animals. If you’re looking to make a change in the world or simply get involved, you can find some non-profit groups below to get you started.

Engineers Without Borders Carleton

EWB Carleton is a community of outrageous but hopeful people from all faculties, dedicated to alleviating extreme poverty in Africa through incubating systemic innovations, challenging the status quo, investing in people, and encouraging an active role for Canadians. Their office is located 2098 Minto.

Contacts: Fatima Barron, Kenneth Boddy, Sujin Chang
Facebook: Engineers Without Borders Carleton Chapter
Twitter: @EWBCarleton

Fair Trade Carleton

The Fair Trade club promotes – surprise! – the use of Fair Trade-certified products at Carleton. In addition to promoting and educating Carleton students about the Fair Trade movement, FTC is also working to make Carleton a certified Fair Trade Campus.

Contacts: Kenneth Boddy (see EWB above), Colin Kornelsen

Facebook page: Fair Trade Carleton University
Facebook group: Fair Trade Carleton University
Twitter: @FairTradeCU

Free the Children Carleton

Free the Children is an international charity and educational partner that believes in a world where all youth are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change.

Contact: Kristina Vivian

Facebook group: CU Free the Children

Ontario Public Interest Research Group, Carleton

OPIRG-Carleton is a campus-based non-profit organization that works to create and sustain student and community-based engagement through research, education, and action on social justice and environmental issues. OPIRG-Carleton uses an anti-oppression framework, consensus-based decision making processes, operates in a non-hierarchical setting, and supports multiple working groups struggling for social change.

Office: UniCentre 326
Phone: 613-520-2757
Fax: 613-520-3989
Facebook Group: OPIRG Carleton

Student Philanthropy Council

The Council is a student-driven entity, advised by the Department of University Advancement (DUA), that strives to foster a culture of philanthropy within the Carleton community. The organization, led by students, works to identify, develop, and pursue the achievement of short-term campus projects that are intended to improve teaching, learning, and the broader student experience at Carleton.

Contact: Gennesse Walker-Scace

Facebook: Carleton University Student Philanthropy Council
Twitter: @CarletonSPC

UNICEF Carleton

UNICEF Carleton exposes members of the University community to the perils facing children worldwide through educating, advocating and fundraising.

Contact: Michelle Musindo

Twitter: @unicefcarleton


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