Life at Carleton isn’t always about work…though considering you’re in PAPM, that’s probably most of your life. Regardless, there’s a ton of clubs and societies you can join during your time here. Below you’ll find a selection of clubs that you might be interested in, and in case you’re not too sure about whether one of these clubs is right for you, we’ve also included the contact information for PAPMers who just happen to be in these clubs.

There are so many clubs at Carleton, however, that we couldn’t possibly fit them all. We’ve intentionally left out most of the cultural societies (such as the Chinese Students’ Association, the United Students of Eastern Europe, clubs focused on specific religions, etc.), and PAPMers can’t exactly be in every club. If you want a more complete list of things you can get involved in at Carleton, you can visit the CUSA Clubs & Societies page, where the student union has listed every club and society that has been registered with CUSA.

If you’re interested in debate, public affairs, or you want to get involved with a political party, you can visit the Politics and Public Affairs tab.

Not too keen on partisan activism? Want to make a change? Visit the Activism & Outreach page.

Curious about a sample of other clubs you could join? Visit our Miscellaneous section!


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