CASG Update

With the first semester almost over, there has been two separate meetings attended by your reps for the Carleton Academic Student Government (CASG) in the past two weeks. Here’s a brief summary of what came out of those two meetings:

Faculty of Public Affairs Board Meeting – November 10

  • There will be 15 new faculty members hired to the FPA this year
  • FPA Research Month will be held February 24 to March 24
    • This is an opportunity for FPA students to showcase their ongoing work and research
    • Fourth-years who are in the midst of writing their Honours Research Essays are especially welcome to apply to present, and all students are encouraged to come take a look
  • Professor Nick Rowe gave a report from a special academic committee which was looking at potential changes to academic rules at Carleton
    • One of the big focuses this time has been around whether to change the current rule requiring a doctor’s note to defer a final exam on illness grounds
    • A couple potential options have been suggested but none has been chosen yet
    • Some course codes could be streamlined and/or eliminated
    • There is currently an inconsistent standard on which programs have “concentrations” and which have “specializations”, even though both are essentially the same thing
  • The big focus of the meeting was on the course and program changes for the year, as proposed by the Academic Policy and Curriculum Committee
    • For a list of all changes made, click here
    • PAPM rep Jerry Zhao brought up the concern that many courses that are required for the SPOPA and CITP specializations are either not offered regularly, or are limited to journalism and communications students only
      • Barry Wright (Director of PAPM) says that FPA knows about this issue and is currently talking with the departments to try and mitigate this issue
      • There were no direct answers or timelines on when solutions might be found, but in the meantime PAPM students are still encouraged to talk to Elaine about alternate courses
  • CASG is planning a speaker series this year, and VP Academic Tanvir Janmohamed asked the faculty to consider who might be willing to present as the keynote speaker from the Faculty of Public Affairs

CASG Council Meeting – November 25

  • PAPM representative Fatima Barron gave a shoutout to everyone who attended the first PAPM essay-editing session of the year, and there are more coming this year!
  • PAPM rep Jerry Zhao asked about CASG’s preparations for TEDxCarleton
    • VP Academic Tanvir Janmohamed said that CASG is still waiting on a license to hold the event
    • Once this license is received, CASG will begin serious prep work on the event
  • Three new representatives were acclaimed to the Biology, French, and English departments
  • Electoral Code changes (Science)
    • The CASG Electoral Code was amended unanimously to expand the number of Science seats to 22
    • The rules were changed so that these seats are now filled by the program reps for each science program in the Carleton Science Students’ Society (CSSS)
  • Electoral Code changes (Law and Political Science)
    • Motion would automatically give one of the two seats from both the Law and Political Science departments to an executive from the Law and Political Science societies (said executive must be in that program)
    • President John Mesman agreed to send all similar motions in the future to the Governance Review Committee before it was tabled at Council
    • After some contentious debate, the motion was passed on roll call with 34 in favour, 8 opposed, and 14 abstaining
    • The executive supported the motion, saying that it would allow greater involvement from the two academic societies, as AKCESS, CSSS, and CSES (the Engineering Society) are already represented on Council
    • Both PAPM reps, as well as one of the Political Science reps and the FPA Coordinator (a PoliSci student), voted against the motion on the grounds that the Law Society and CPSS were both open-membership clubs that were open to all students, not just students from those programs
  • The CASG Scholarship Committee was struck and filled tonight. PAPM representative Fatima Barron was elected as one of the committee members. Congratulations!

As always, if you have questions for your CASG representatives, you can find their contact info on the CASG page!

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