AKCESS needs Stories – and a Logo!


Got a PAPMer that you think deserves the spotlight? AKCESS is starting a new Student of the Week feature!

It’s simple: think of someone in PAPM that you think should be featured – maybe they’ve done some pretty cool stuff, or maybe they’re that quiet, shy kid who sits in the back every time and never gets any recognition at all, or maybe you just want to feature yourself. Whatever the case, send in your submission (and some way to contact the person) through Facebook (private messages only please) or email us at cuakcess@gmail.com with the subject “AKCESStories”, and we’ll feature them with a photo and some brief comments, Humans of New York-style.

Ideally we will be doing this feature every other week, in order to have time to pick a student and have their features written up. For the sake of fairness though, since there’s 400 of us, we will try and pick a different student each week, and we will feature one from each year. Since this year’s first-years are not yet in school, they won’t be featured until sometime in September.

We will be releasing our first set of features on July 18, so make sure you get your submissions in!


As you can see right now on the AKCESS Facebook page, the society doesn’t exactly have a logo (the profile picture doesn’t count), and we’d like to change that. From now until the end of July, we’ll be taking submissions (again, via email or Facebook) for an awesome logo for our awesome student society, and then have a vote on all the submissions in August.

The new AKCESS logo will be revealed in September during Orientation Week, and the winner will receive a little gift. The prize will be limited to PAPMers only, but you’re definitely welcome to ask a friend for help.

So what can you put on the logo? For starters, you have to put “AKCESS” (or the long version of the name) on there, obviously. Other than that, just about anything is allowed, as long as it’s not offensive (use your common sense). You can send in scans of hand-drawn logos to Jerry, our VP Communications, if computer graphics aren’t your thing, and he will do his best to convert it into a digital logo for you. If you choose this option though, we would ask that you try to send it in before the end of July, since converting it could take a bit of time.

We look forward to seeing your submissions!

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